Thy Kingdom Come // Blog // Day 6


Prayer for our Leaders

Today our focus is praying for our leaders, particularly our council. Tina Cooke is sharing some thoughts with us about praying for our council.

For 26 years, I lived just around the corner from York House in Twickenham, which is the home of the LBRuT offices. It has very beautiful gardens all around it (the wall pictured above) and I used to choose to walk through them on my way to the high street, even though it was a slightly longer route, because it gave me joy and transformed mundane shopping needs.

I love to pray as I walk! So, for years, I have prayed for those who work at York House. As time has passed, I have come to know some of the councillors and staff by name, because of various issues that have cropped up. On those occasions, I have been able to be more specific in my prayers on their behalf. Mostly, however, I have simply asked God to bless every good work that each person turns their hand to, in order that it may be a blessing to the community that they serve. The good news is that God has been amazingly faithful and heard those prayers. All kinds of projects, practical and creative, have gone ahead, many of which have become a beneficial part of our daily lives.

Today, let’s pray for LBRuT as they seek to serve this borough under increasingly difficult financial circumstances. All their resources are stretched. People are under huge pressure to deliver a seemingly impossible brief. To help us pray, it might be good to use the story found in John 6:1–13. This story inspires faith in the face of the facts of the matter, I believe, as we read how very limited resources went a very long way. With left-overs!

// Tina Cooke

Photo: Victoria Byrne