(Please note: If you are accessing the Reveal Survey for the first time you will need to select ‘Sign Up’ in the grey box)

Reveal is a simple survey that gives us all a chance to indicate where we feel we are currently at in our journey with God and which might help us to see where we can most helpfully put our leadership energies as a church to support everyone’s ongoing journey in faith. It was designed by a church in North America called Willow Creek. More than 2,000 churches have found this to be a helpful tool.

It should take 30 minutes to complete and each of your answers are added anonymously to everyone else’s giving us a clearer picture of how may all journey forwards together. Although the survey is aimed at 18 and over we would love to invite members of Younger and Older Youth (with parental consent) to take part. To take this survey simply click on the link above which will take you to the online survey.

If you wish to find out more before taking the survey please watch the video below, or if you have any questions please contact the Church Office on 020 8892 5258.

Mandy Turner, our Connect & Groups Manager, will be running drop-in sessions on Wednesdays (until 2.30pm) at the Church Office on Crown Road, for anyone who would appreciate some ‘face-to-face’ support.

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