Our vision at St Stephen’s is to be an outward looking church, serving our community and the wider world with the good news about Jesus.

This outward-looking focus is sustained and empowered through encountering God in worship, prayer and study of the bible, and our relationships with each other as we support, encourage, honour and care for one another.

As we look to the years ahead we want to grow as a church in inviting young and old into the life together that lasts forever.

In everything we do we value hospitality, generosity, the dignity of every person, appreciating the traditional and contemporary, embracing Word and Spirit, encountering the presence of God and maintaining a good sense of humour amidst it all!

What we believe

“That God created a good world with human beings as the pinnacle of his creation.”

“That the world as it is and our lives as they are have been marred by our self-centred choices.”

“That the life, death and resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ ushers in a new era of God’s renewing work in his world.”

“That those who follow Jesus, empowered by God’s Spirit, join God in renewing all things in the light of the future return of Christ.”